my first digital layout

so i’ve known about digital scrapbooking for quite some time now, but i’ve never tried it out.  this is for a few reasons, partly because playing with papers and glue and embellishments is just so much fun and i just don’t get the same feeling playing with digital papers and embellishments, and well, no glue necessary.  but today, after playing around with some free papers and embellishments (courtesy of shabby princess) to create my new blog header, i decided to give a digital layout a try.  now, i can’t say i enjoy it as much as i do traditional scrapbooking, but it has it’s perks.  however, learning all of the shortcuts of photoshop will be tricky.  i’m not illiterate, but it’s quite the program!

so here is my very first digital layout – of course it’s of my dear puggle, santi.  probably the trickiest thing i did on this layout was figure out how to use a clipping mask to get patterned paper on my text and shapes, beyond that, it was pretty much drag, drop, resize, and rotate!  hope you like it!

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1 Response to my first digital layout

  1. Smitha says:

    Awesome layout!! Love how the “5” stands out in the title!

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