a few home decor projects

my take on subway art

subway art is currently quite popular, and after seeing a bunch of different takes on this popular style, i decided to try my hand at my own.  i picked up a couple of inexpensive stretched canvas’ (16″ x 20″) from my local michaels arts and crafts store, as well as a couple different paint colors.  my initial idea was to paint the base coat, cut out my letters, adhere them with a temporary spray adhesive, and then spray a top coat of spray paint leaving some areas of the background showing through… this didn’t work out so well, and i really didn’t care for the fonts i chose, not to mention the proportions were totally off… so i started over.

since most of the canvas was already white, and i liked how the sides had the background color showing through, i decided to try a different route to my desired effect.  i covered the canvas in gesso, and then white acrylic paint.  i then printed out my letters in helvetica this time, cut them out, and temporarily adhered them to the canvas.  i then traced around them and filled them in with paint by hand.

i like the way this came out so much better than the first try.  sure, the text is imperfect – but that’s because it’s done by hand.  i think it gives it character, and it’s definitely the clean crisp look i was going for.  i also love the amount of negative space on the canvas,  it really draws the eyes to the text and doesn’t distract from the message!!

reupholstered chair

this weekend i tried my hand at my very first reupholstering project!  unfortunately, at the time i didn’t think about posting it so i don’t have any before pictures, only the after pictures.  the chair i use at my craft desk was starting to come apart at some of the joints.  so i took off the seat, and glued and clamped the chair together so it wouldn’t fall apart.  while the chair was setting, i decided to reupholster the seat because it too had seen better days.  i took off the existing fabric and cushion and used a polyfil foam, and upholstery fabric scrap for strength, and then covered it with a cute cotton fabric that had been sitting in my closet for a year waiting to be made into a skirt.

needless to say, i love it!!  and i can’t wait to try my hand at a more difficult project in the future.  it’s so exciting to make something look like new again, and it doesn’t take much effort!  what can i say, i’ve got the bug!!

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