cards cards cards!!!

my card making kick continued for two days post the sunday event with my mother, and thus i have four new cards to show you!!

first off, i found these adorable glitter leaf stickers from making memories and they were so beautiful that i could not resist making cards with them, aren’t they gorgeous?!

then on monday, i stopped by michaels on my way home from picking up my diploma — finally!  and couldn’t help picking up some supplies because they were having a clearance sale on their halloween scrapbooking collections.  now, i’m typically not big on holiday supplies — simply because i don’t make a lot of holiday inspired cards, and well, holidays only happen once each year and typically the supplies are very holiday specific.  however, i was able to find some (really inexpensive) supplies that i didn’t mind picking up (because they were really inexpensive).  so i grabbed 2 paper pads from recollections, a couple of die-cut packs from k & co, as well as some die cut border strips from k & co.  each paper pad was only 2.99 (!!!) and the die cut packs only 1.99 per (!!!).  i thought it was a steal.

so needless to say, i got inspired to make a couple of halloween cards.  there may be more, there may not, we’ll just have to wait and see.  i’m currently in the process of moving my craft space from one room to another, so i may not get inspired for a little while, depending upon how long the move takes. :-/  anyhoo, here are the halloween cards!

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1 Response to cards cards cards!!!

  1. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    Fantastic cards. Such talent. Definate artistic flair. Keep up the good work!

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