calm before the storm [12×12 layout]

i recently found some extra pictures in a drawer, you know, the picture you print before you get the perfect print.  well, i stuck most of them in my “to be scrapped” file, but left out this one to make a simple collage style page.

this picture is of a sunset from the porch of my house.  i took it many years ago with a standard point and shoot digital camera.  i can’t quite remember if i took the picture right before a storm, or right after a storm, so the title may not be quite accurate, but it made for a nice page layout.

i’ve been playing around with negative space quite a lot.  i think when used correctly it really does a nice job of directing the focus of the eye and making the layout more interesting.  also, in case you couldn’t tell, i have a tendency to use multiples as an element, in the form of 3’s.  3 buttons, 3 butterflies, 3 circles, 3 x’s, etc.  hope you enjoyed checking it out, let me know if you have any questions!  maybe one day i’ll post a video of my layout process.  hmmm… something to think about.

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One Response to calm before the storm [12×12 layout]

  1. rahel menig says:

    hey, thanks for your comment on my blog!! :D i just checked out your stuff and i have to say that i really love this layout!! :D keep the good work coming :)

    xoxo, rahel

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