santi’s handsome tweed jacket

so as this autumn weather continues to get colder, i am often reminded of how my dear dog, santi, is so not a cold weather dog!  if the house temperature drops below 65º he starts to shiver, whether he is on the floor or on the couch.  he definitely prefers to sleep under my covers, as opposed to in his own bed, and well, he just doesn’t like to go outside when it’s cold.  as a result i have needed to get him a winter jacket, a raincoat, and request a few knitted sweaters from my mother (i just don’t have the patience!!  nor can i follow a pattern for that matter…)

well, i found this darling tweed jacket tutorial on the interwebs last year and thought it would be the cutest jacket for santi, but i never got around to making my own.  this year, i was much more on top of my game!!  one of the best parts, aside from it being the most adorable jacket i’ve ever seen on my dog, was that it was much more cost effective than purchasing jackets from the pet store (they’re unreasonably expensive).  sure the fabric i purchased was approx. $9-12 a yard, but i only purchased one yard of each (total of 2), and i have enough fabric left to make 3 more coats!!  fabulous.  and isn’t he just so handsome!?

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3 Responses to santi’s handsome tweed jacket

  1. Mormor says:

    Great job Lilly

  2. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    Santi is very handsome in his tweed jacket! Nice job, it looks fantastic.

  3. thanks!! he’ll probably end up with a couple more, they are so cute!! too bad he doesn’t love it as much as i do!

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