winter wonderland

it can be really difficult to find time to sit down and craft with a busy schedule and with priorities that just don’t include crafting.  and then when you do have a spare hour or two, sometimes it can be even more difficult to find inspiration!  well, i’ve gone through a few weeks of this exact dilemma, but today i was able to find both!  time to sit down, and some inspiration!

so today i created my first scrapbook page in a couple of months.  i really like how it came out.  i have been experimenting with proportions and use of negative space to really draw the eye to the photographs being displayed.  in this particular case, it was really important to do that because the photograph is so small!

i wanted to make a really subtle background for this page, and i didn’t have any appropriate patterned paper, so i made my own using masks and color sprays.  again, though, i don’t own any color sprays or mists, so i made my own with some acrylic craft paint in blue and silver.  then i cut out some snowflakes and went to town!  i did have to iron out the wrinkles and the warping after the paper was dry, and there is still a little warping but it’s minimal.

i also used a lot of negatives.  i have an asterix die for my cuttle bug, which i used to make some sassafras inspired embellishments a few weeks ago.  well, i saved some of the negatives, and cut them out and used them on this page.  in addition to using some of the embellishments that i had created.  i think it works really nicely!  sometimes it’s worth holding onto scraps and bits that you would otherwise just throw out.  (though it can be tedious to hold onto everything!)

hope you like it! :)

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2 Responses to winter wonderland

  1. Megan says:

    AMAZING! I love it soo much. I wish I had your talent.

  2. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    the 3-d effect of the snowflakes is very impressive. Nice job!!

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