truffles and candy boxes

a while ago i was watching ina garten‘s barefoot contessa on the food network.  she’s honestly not my favorite foodnet star, i prefer giada de laurentiis any day, but sometimes she has some good recipies.  on this given day, the episode happened to be all about chocolate and she was sharing a recipe she was given for rum raisin chocolate truffles.  the recipe sounded interesting so i DVR’d the episode and copied down the recipe.  for any of you who are interested, it is as follows:

Rum Raisin Chocolate Truffles
125g heavy cream
40g raisins
60g dark rum
350g milk chocolate
15g butter

combine rum and raisins in food processor and pulse
heat cream in double boiler until hot – do not boil
turn heat off, but leave double boiler intact
add chocolate and stir until melted
add butter and continue to stir until chocolate and butter are all melted and mixture is smooth and shiny
remove bowl from heat
add rum raisin mixture and stir to combine

set ganache for 6 hours or overnight if possible
once set, use a micro ice cream scoop to form ganache into balls

Chocolate Coating:
400g milk chocolate

temper milk chocolate in microwave at 20 second intervals until just melted, coat ganache in chocolate using a 2-spoon method (do not dip into the hot chocolate, they will melt away!)

so i altered this recipe to make some chocolate orange truffles, some cranberry orange white chocolate truffles (which were a pain in the bum!), and some peppermint chocolate truffles!  so much fun!  so good!

well, after making all of these truffles, i decided to give some away for the holidays and some birthdays.  but i needed something cute to package them in.  enter, the candy box.  i used some patterned paper (heavy weight) to created a folded box, both with and without a window!  they came out so cute.  the box without a window came first.
soo super cute!!  i wrapped the truffles in a little tissue paper and it came out adorable!!

after i made the first box though, i decided it would be even more adorable if there was a little acetate window, allowing one to peer into the box prior to opening it!  enter, box number two.
i love it!!  it’s so cute!!  well, i couldn’t just leave it at pictures, i had to go ahead and film a short little tutorial on this adorable candy box!  sharing all my crafting secrets.  i hope you enjoy!  it really is simple to make, and so darn cute!  don’t be surprised if you see a whole bunch of these in the future!!! :D

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3 Responses to truffles and candy boxes

  1. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    I hope I see one addressed to me personally, and filled with truffles of course
    Definately adorable! Now, you just need to find a place you can sell all these great things!!

  2. preeti says:

    this video is really awesome. thanks for the tutorial. i tried this with normal paper but it could not hold the chocolates. Will you please tell what paper you have used to make the box?

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