so disappointed

after making some really nice christmas cards last year, i was super excited to make some even better ones this year!  i got more excited when watching kristina werner’s 25 days of christmas cards event during the month of november.  however, my november and early december was so jam packed as i was studying to take my certification exam that i just did not have any time to sit down and make a whole bunch of christmas cards.  what’s even more disappointing is that i purchased basic grey’s jovial collection, and bobunny’s noel collection specifically to make some awesome christmas cards.  bummer.

well, i took my test on dec. 12th, and i passed!  huzzah!  but now i have a super lot of decorating to do, and cleaning, and other such christmas preparations that cards just don’t enter the picture.  so, i guess my digital christmas cards from santi will have to be this years christmas card, because i just don’t have time to make any.  i guess everyone will just have to wait until next year!!  so sorry, but i wish everyone a very merry christmas, and a wonderfully happy new year!

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1 Response to so disappointed

  1. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    the way I figure it, you have been doing such great things all along that it was like getting Christmas cards for months. Super Congratulations on passing your boards. I know that your decorative talents will make Christmas Eve special! Keep up the good work, but don’t forget to enjoy life while you are at it :-)

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