altered clipboard project

so i’ve had these mini clipboards for a while now.  picked them up at michaels, erm, months ago, and they’ve just been sitting collecting dust.  i picked them up specifically for a project that i tried out over the summer with regular sized clipboards.  these ones are nicer though, because, since they came from a craft store and were intended for craft projects, instead of having rivets holding the clip on (which was a pain in the bum to remove, and then replace)  it just has a couple of screws and nuts!  super simple. so after having these lying around for a few months, i decided to pick one up and cover it!  i do like the way it came out, and it was much much easier than the originals!

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2 Responses to altered clipboard project

  1. Nancy says:

    Love this. I couldn’t find a clipboard with the clip screwed in instead of riveted. Even went to Michaels. Can you tell me the brand?

    • it was so long ago, that i honestly don’t remember the brand, but i remember seeing them at michaels and grabbing a whole bunch because they didn’t seem like a regularly stocked item. perhaps extend your search online at this point?


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