so much snow!

wow, and i thought the after christmas blizzard was intense.  oh my!  so this past snow storm was crazy, we got over 16 inches of snow and i don’t think anyone in my house is particularly happy about it, especially a four-legged little fellow who has to brave the weather multiple times a day!!

knee deep snow out on my deck

shoveling a path to the stairs for santi, and i’ve barely made a dent!

“thanks mom!!”

“don’t worry, i’ll help you!!”

for some strange reason, santi didn’t seem at all interested in trying to “swim” through the snow, so yes, i had to shovel out my yard!!

the good news is i think i heard that we are expecting another storm sometime soon that will turn out to be mostly rain.  i’m crossing my fingers, and if santi had fingers, he would be crossing them too!!  while he does enjoy eating the snow, it’s difficult when it’s so high, and it’s also very, very cold on his tiny little feet that are all skin and bones!

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1 Response to so much snow!

  1. Katherina says:

    Hi Lilly.

    I love your blog.

    The snow over here is almost completly gone, it has only been snowing once since I´ve got home, so you see, you schould have keept me over there ;-)

    I´ll chek in on this site soon again.

    Love you.

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