shopping organizer

one of my absolute favorite things to do is poke around on the web and read my favorite blogs as well as find new ones.  there is (and i can’t stress this enough) a plethora of projects and ideas being shared on the web right now, on company websites, on professional and independent blogs, and so on.  well, i for one, take full advantage of this and spend (countless) hours on the web looking for new and exciting ideas.

my most recent inspiration came from a lovely lady named laura from follow the paper trail.  prior to christmas she shared this really great idea for a shopping organizer that incorporated a book-binding technique to house an expanding file on one side and a notepad on the other, which is then used to keep track of shopping lists and receipts for holiday shopping.

well, i took this idea and ran with it!  i thought it would be a great idea for myself, serving a similar purpose.  since i always have a list of craft supplies that i either need or want, i decided my pocket organizer would hold my craft list and coupons for the various different craft stores that i frequent.  i also made one for my dear mother as we are often doing our shopping together!

this is how they turned out:

i made a few changes to mine, for example the expanding folder was constructed much differently.  it was a little more difficult, and a little more time consuming, but it allows the folders to expand a little farther and hold a little more.  also, the flaps are a little different (to compensate for the accordion folds on each side) to hold it tightly shut.  lastly, i chose not to create a band to hold the post-it pad to the back cover.  (i am reconsidering this as the post-its are not as sticky as i first gave them credit for.)  however, i may try a different type of post-it before i add a security band to hold the notepad in.  i just like the versatility of not needing the securing straps that laura added in her project.

well, i hope you enjoyed, and thank you laura for the wonderful inspiration!!!

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2 Responses to shopping organizer

  1. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    What a fantastic project and it turned out really nice.
    I happen to know that your favorite aunt is having a birthday in march and would really like to have one of these! hint, hint :-)
    Keep up the good work and I’m also praying that your job search will soon be at an end!
    Love, Moster AnneMarie

  2. Katherina Philip says:

    WOW. They are fantastic, I know of one more how would love one. :-)

    Love you.

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