holy hiatus, batman!

well.  first and foremost i would like to apologize for the crazy long break between my last post and this one.  apparently starting a new job consumed my entire being and i had no time for crafting, never mind posting!  i hope you’ve not been bored without me! ;)

well, i’m back on this 30th day of march to bring you the closest thing to crafty i’ve been in weeks!  i went to michaels the other day, just to poke around.  and to my surprise they changed everything around.  holy wow.  it was a little disorienting.  unfortunately, even with a facelift, they don’t have all that much in the way of exciting new product.  some new cling stamps here.  and a little 7 gypsies product there.  but mostly just same old, same old.

well, while i was there, i saw some pretty yellow fake flowers and thought it would be nice to jazz up this grape-vine wreath i have on my door.  since i took down the holly from christmas, there has just been this boring, ill-place wreath.  so i jazzed it with flowers (literally just picked them off the stem and stuck them in between the twists of the vines – no glue necessary), hung it with some jute twine, and it’s much much nicer than it used to be!  very fitting for spring, now i just hope the weather follows suit.

anyhow, hopefully i’ll get back into the swing of things shortly and there will be more posts going up.  i’d love to do a video soon.  i just got a great idea for a new card today.  and i also got a great idea for a chandelier!!  check back soon!

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One Response to holy hiatus, batman!

  1. AnneMarie Fleming says:

    What a beautiful wreath and very spring-like!! I have missed your great craft items but congratulations for having a new job! Hope that eventually you will be able to balance both and have a little energy to keep up your crafting.

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