painted bottle

i love getting inspired by the things that i see on the internet.  i am always looking at other peoples blogs in search for inspiration for my next project.  this project, as it turns out, was super simple.

all you need is:

> a plain glass bottle
> a hot glue gun
> paint

step 1:  clean the bottle with rubbing alcohol, and don’t get any oils on it thereafter.

step 2: draw the word you want on the bottle with hot glue.  luckily hot glue is very forgiving and if you make a mistake, let it dry and simply peel it off until you get it just right.

step 3:  paint the bottle.  some people choose to use spray paint for this.  i think spray paint has a nicer, smoother, more even finish, but i was unable to use spray paint.  i also prefer a satin finish over a gloss finish, but your choice.  i used martha stewart paint for this project, in satin finish.  sure you can see the brushstrokes, but i think that the texture just adds to the charm.

then just let it dry, and you have a gorgeous custom vase!

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