flip calendar / recipe organizer

at this point, i forget where i was on the web when i got the idea to make a flip calendar out of chipboard.  my dear friend was coming to visit, and we always love to craft together, so we made these calendars

flip calendarslater, i figured out how to make a printed calendar on pages, it looks much nicer.  my friend decided to use her flip pages for pictures from the year.  i thought that was a great idea as well.  i also ended up making another one, for which i created envelope pages and used to hold recipes that i find in magazines.

recipe holderi still have another recipe holder in mind that i would like to create.  one that has actual recipe cards on it, but that’s a project for another day.  until then, this one will do nicely, holding the ripped magazine pages in a semi-organized fashion.

also, hopefully one day i will get a tutorial of this project up on this blog.  it’s super simple and very fun to make!


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