pinterest inspires again

i was, as i so often am, poking around on pinterest and found a great abstract painting.  so i made my own.  and then a second one.  and then a third.

painting 1

painting 2

painting 3

the large canvas was the first one i made – it was quite fun.  i just took some washi tape and taped off the design.  then i covered the whole canvas with gesso, and filled in the shapes with grey paint leaving 3 accent shapes for the yellow.  let dry, and remove tape!  the small yellow canvas was also simple, same process as the large canvas just with diagonal parallel lines, and some chipboard letters on top.  the chevron canvas took the most work…

first i drew a grid on the cavas, then diagonal lines.  then i used washi tape to tape off the chevron.

taping the chevron

i crossed each piece of tape following the lines and then lifted up the spot where they met to trim the excess thus forming the chevron.  then, i just covered it in gesso and then paint like before.

chevron paint

a little time consuming, but it came out awesome!

painting 1

thanks again, pinterest! ;)


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