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about me

hi!  my name is lilly, i am 27 years old, and i am an occupational therapist and avid crafter.  i have loved just about every kind of crafts since i was a little girl, i have my mother to thank for that.  i was exposed to many different types of crafting as a child and have grown to love and appreciate them very much.  i have only taken a couple of art classes throughout my educational career, and would have liked to attend art school, however it wasn’t in the stars.  as a result, i have turned to arts and crafts as a hobby — dabbling in drawing, painting, jewelry making, and most recently paper crafting, card making, and scrapbooking.  i also enjoy interior design, home decor, and cooking/exploring the culinary arts.

i live in the new england area and while the weather changes every five minutes (on the dot) i wouldn’t change it for anything else!  i have a 5 year old puggle, named santi, who is often the star of my photography and scrapbooking as he is so photogenic!  he is mischevious, and an avid trouble maker but also the love of my life (well, the furriest anyways), and again, i wouldn’t change it for anything else!

about this blog

lillylaagedesigns (liˈlē•lōˈah•dəˈzīnz) blog came to fruition in late summer/early fall of 2010.  after reading and being inspired by the many different craft blogs on the world wide web, i decided to try my hand at my own.  this blog is both a creative outlet (of many different varieties) as well as an opportunity to share my creativity and inspire others in much the same way others have been inspiring me over the years.

i hope that you enjoy the many different posts that you will find on this blog, and use the ideas as inspiration to get your own creative juices flowing.  i also hope that you take the time to subscribe to this blog, to receive notifications of updates via email.  in addition, please feel free to ask any questions you may have regarding any of the posts you may find on this blog!  thanks for stopping by, and happy crafting!

2 responses to “about lillylaagedesigns”

  1. your ink pad holder showed on pinterest without being able to link it to the directions or more info. Do you still have it

    1. Hi Barbara – unfortunately that post is gone. I’m sorry it’s still floating around Pinterest. Take care. -Lilly

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