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happy spring!

so happy that it is finally starting to warm up in new england.   it’s a little bit rainy, but the warmer weather makes up for it. :)  lucky for me, with the warmer weather has come a bit of inspiration!  … Continue reading

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holy hiatus, batman!

well.  first and foremost i would like to apologize for the crazy long break between my last post and this one.  apparently starting a new job consumed my entire being and i had no time for crafting, never mind posting!  … Continue reading

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so much snow!

wow, and i thought the after christmas blizzard was intense.  oh my!  so this past snow storm was crazy, we got over 16 inches of snow and i don’t think anyone in my house is particularly happy about it, especially … Continue reading

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oh the weather outside is frightful!

wow!  that was quite the snow storm!  there are still piles and mounds of snow all over the yard and on my deck!  santi is not a fan of it!  while he enjoys snow, the amount of snow is just … Continue reading

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winter wonderland

it can be really difficult to find time to sit down and craft with a busy schedule and with priorities that just don’t include crafting.  and then when you do have a spare hour or two, sometimes it can be … Continue reading

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let it snow

it hasn’t snowed yet in new england, though it is getting bitterly cold!  i must admit, i do get sick of snow after a while, but those first few snows of the season are beautiful, and fun, until you have … Continue reading

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