a couple of mothers day cards

though these cards were specifically for mothers day, they really could be for any day.

the first card was mostly stamping, using versamark ink on kraft cardstock, a little white gel pen, and some liquid pearls.

mother's day 1 mother's day 2


this second card had some embossing on vellum, versamark stamping on kraft cardstock, and button embellishments.


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craft fair!

in fall 2012, i had the opportunity to participate in my very first craft fair.  and while the idea seemed daunting, i was quite excited.  i have to say, after having done it, it was time consuming and VERY fun.  i can’t wait to do another one.

for the craft fair i had a mix of greeting cards, holiday cards, and home decor items.

this is what my desk looked like as i was making the cards (the night before).craft fair desk

yikes!!  i know, i procrastinate a lot – and this mess could have been avoided.  but oh well.  that’s crafting, it’s messy!!

here are the cards… all packaged with their own envelope.craft fair cards


and some pictures of my table at the craft fair…

craft fair 1 craft fair 2 craft fair 3i’d i’ll definitely do it again!


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flip calendar / recipe organizer

at this point, i forget where i was on the web when i got the idea to make a flip calendar out of chipboard.  my dear friend was coming to visit, and we always love to craft together, so we made these calendars

flip calendarslater, i figured out how to make a printed calendar on pages, it looks much nicer.  my friend decided to use her flip pages for pictures from the year.  i thought that was a great idea as well.  i also ended up making another one, for which i created envelope pages and used to hold recipes that i find in magazines.

recipe holderi still have another recipe holder in mind that i would like to create.  one that has actual recipe cards on it, but that’s a project for another day.  until then, this one will do nicely, holding the ripped magazine pages in a semi-organized fashion.

also, hopefully one day i will get a tutorial of this project up on this blog.  it’s super simple and very fun to make!


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wedding shower card

my best friend got married in nov. 2012, so for her shower gift I made her a simple card.  understated, yet elegant.

wedding shower cardwedding shower close updigisig

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painted bottle

i love getting inspired by the things that i see on the internet.  i am always looking at other peoples blogs in search for inspiration for my next project.  this project, as it turns out, was super simple.

all you need is:

> a plain glass bottle
> a hot glue gun
> paint

step 1:  clean the bottle with rubbing alcohol, and don’t get any oils on it thereafter.

step 2: draw the word you want on the bottle with hot glue.  luckily hot glue is very forgiving and if you make a mistake, let it dry and simply peel it off until you get it just right.

step 3:  paint the bottle.  some people choose to use spray paint for this.  i think spray paint has a nicer, smoother, more even finish, but i was unable to use spray paint.  i also prefer a satin finish over a gloss finish, but your choice.  i used martha stewart paint for this project, in satin finish.  sure you can see the brushstrokes, but i think that the texture just adds to the charm.

then just let it dry, and you have a gorgeous custom vase!

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valentines decorations

so i hung up a branch on my wall for christmas, and then hung christmas ornaments on it to decorate.  i liked it so much that i left it up (the ornaments were silver, so it kind of worked – at least that’s what i told myself).  decided it was about time to take down the ornaments so i supplemented with some paper hears made out of dictionary pages.  it came out so cute!!

then it was time to update the picture frames that hang just above the fire place.

and lastly, some more paper hearts hanging from the mantel, this time covered in paint splatters!!  so cute!

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